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Rabu, 16 Mac 2011

my love juz for you

it's all lies...all lies
your love for me was all lies
you've hurt me so
you left me crying
you said you'll love only me
protect only me
you love was all lies
you look away my heart and my love
and leaving me was love
my life love is....
only you no one can replace it
but why are you leaving me, you awful person???
i thought you were my love
i thought you were my everything
i believed that you would be my last love
i laughed only for you
i believed in your love and that it was happiness
did you have to leave that far away from me???
i should loved you with all my life
but you forgot me now like a heartless person
i should have love you with my all
but now you live forgetting me
with all my life, the person that i love
that person only gave me tears and left
the though love which i was hurt alone

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